About Our Care

Dr. Sniezek promotes integrative medicine strategies to improve overall health. Advice on wellness and treatment for a wide variety of conditions is available.

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About Our Team

Dr. David P. Sniezek and his staff provide safe, efficient, and courteous care in an environment designed to enhance the healing experience.

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Patient Education

Learn about the wide variety of services that we provide and what conditions we commonly treat. We offer videos and educational resources to aid in your learning.

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Office Hours

Dr. Sniezek has offices in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia that are conveniently located and accessible by public transportation.

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About Us

Unlike some "integrated" practices (with many providers sharing one office), Dr. Sniezek is an "integrative" health provider trained in multiple disciplines. This very powerful combination of knowledge, skill and experience can save you valuable time.

Integrative Medicine is helpful for many conditions, including neck and low back pain, headache pain, elbow and shoulder pain, knee pain, foot and ankle pain. We utilize Integrative Medicine to help relieve stress, pain, and improve overall well being and health.

Don't let pain and discomfort control your life. Let Us Help You!

Get started on your path to health and healing with Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Why Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation?

Our offices have been designed to enhance the healing experience for all of our patients. When treating patients, Dr. Sniezek employs a structured, time-proven process by which we work with you and your primary physicians to develop a coordinated, multidisciplinary treatment plan.

We encourage all prospective clients to contact us with any questions about Integrative Medicine! We are happy to provide any education you seek.