Staying active and comfortable when you have joint pain – or any other type of stubborn discomfort – is no easy task. It’s best to start with baby steps. Read on and consider the options we want to give you today!

Use braces

  • Don’t be afraid to reinforce your joints. Braces reduce the load on your joints and protect you from injury. You can get them for your wrists, knees, elbows, and more. You will know when you need one. It may be while you’re typing, walking, or even sleeping. The relief you get will be more than worth it.

Avoid fast food

  • Fast food is not a good way to fuel your body. If your joints are already struggling, you won’t help them by feeding your body inferior food. If you need to eat out, make the healthiest choices you can. A majority of fast food restaurants do offer healthier options, so do what you can. You can try to get grilled meat rather than fried meat, put lettuce and tomato on your sandwich, and have a salad rather than fries.

Say no

  • Your lifestyle deeply affects your comfort level. If you struggle to say no to people and activities, you will experience more pain. You’ve got to stay in touch with yourself, and you can’t do taht wwhen you’re busy doing what other people ask you to do. Say no to some things so you can say yes to stress reduction, exercise, and a healthy diet.

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