Whether it’s carting the Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven and setting down on the table, standing still and awkwardly crouching over the fowl while carving it into delicious, thinly sliced morsels, hauling in the seemingly endless crates of Christmas decorations from the garage, or  hoisting up the holiday lights and ornaments, this time of year offers you an opportunity to do things you don’t do very often. These holiday times can be a festive and joyous time for visiting with loved ones. However, they can also be a tough time for your back, especially since you tend to get into a hurry and use poor posture and lifting techniques.

At Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation, we want to urge you to take your time and use caution as you put your body through its yearly holiday regimen. We have several resources on our site designed to help you avoid the most common causes of back injuries. Our own Dr. Sniezek developed this tip sheet, Hints For Care Of Low-Back Disorders, which is an excellent guide for avoiding back pain and injury. It’s a quick read and has something for everyone, as it includes everyday activities, such as standing, sitting, walking, driving, riding in a car, lifting, sleeping, minimizing the climate’s effect on your back, and exercising hints. As active, busy people, you have multiple opportunities each day to hurt your backs, or at the very least, experience discomfort. Prevention is the best medicine, and the second best medicine is early treatment before existing back discomfort becomes a serious problem.