Do you ever feel like your medical care is lacking? Does it seem like your providers only know a slice of what can be done? This is very common. Many specialists are just that – they know their area and not anything else. The Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center in Washington D.C. is here to break down the barriers and give you access to all that healthcare truly has to offer. Whether you are working on pain management or rehabilitation, we are ready to come alongside you and revolutionize your process.

In our last two blogs, we have discussed ways to keep your back pain-free. There is no pain management like avoiding the pain altogether! In this blog, we will give you more simple tips for keeping back pain away!

While Walking:

    • Open doors enough that you can walk straight through instead of twisting.
    • Hard heels let the shock of walking go straight to your spine and high heels tilt your pelvis forward, which strains your back. Avoid these shoes whenever possible.
    • Do your best not to misjudge the height of curbs, stairs, and landings in order to avoid shocks to your back.
    • Read more tips here.

At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, it is all about you. Depending on what you are working through, you will need different methods. Our extensive, wide knowledge has the ability to deliver success you did not think was possible. We can give you pain management strategies that change your life or move you past the need to use them completely. Don’t wait – contact our Washington D.C. office today and learn more about what we can do for you and your body!