SonositeMusculoskeletal Ultrasound for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, along with many other joint, muscle and tendon conditions, can be diagnosed using Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (US).  Musculoskeletal ultrasound for shoulder pain can be used to image both inflammatory and noninflammatory musculoskeletal diseases in not only the shoulder but also the knees, elbows, hip, spine, as well as the ankle, toes and fingers. Ultrasound is used as a screening tool to detect and assess the degree of shoulder pain from synovitis in a patient suspected of having inflammatory arthritis, whereas noninflammatory use involves the identification of structures involved in a soft-tissue-related clinical problem (e.g. suspected rotator cuff tear).

Musculoskeletal ultrasound is also used for injections in various soft-tissues and joints, such as the shoulder.  Ultrasound-guided injections help to improve accuracy and avoid complications, such as injecting into blood vessels or nerves.  Don’t let your shoulder pain hold you back, find out the cause through the use of diagnostic ultrasound.  Once an accurate diagnosis is determined then an appropriate course of treatment can be established.

Shoulder disorders are common, with as many as 20% of people experiencing shoulder problems at some stage in life. Shoulder disorders account for 5% of all consultations with family physicians. Of patients presenting with shoulder symptoms, 80% remain symptomatic 6 months later, and 50% have symptoms at 18 months. Shoulder pain is usually poorly localized, with the exception of pain occurring in the acromioclavicular joint. Ultrasonograms of rotator cuff injuries are shown in the images below.




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