Traveling with chronic pain is extremely difficult. 

Whether you love to travel or you only do it when you absolutely have to, pain can really slow you down. It may even keep you from traveling at all.  Sitting for hours in planes and cars, walking unusual distances, and climbing up monuments can turn into reasons to stay home. The problem is, this is no way to live! You shouldn’t dread travel, and even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, there are solutions to the pain holding you back. They can be found in our world-class integrative medicine.

What is integrative medicine? 

The world of medicine is generally divided into two halves: holistic and conventional. Holistic medicine consists of things like acupuncture, chiropractics, biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, and other treatments designed to affect the entire person. Conventional medicine consists of pharmaceuticals and procedures designed to target individual issues within the body. There has been plenty of controversy between the two disciplines though the years.

Integrative medicine is called “integrative” because it integrates elements of both holistic and conventional medicines. It doesn’t settle for one or the other; it pursues the best of both worlds. That is why it is so incredibly effective. It has the ability to address the whole person while targeting individual issues, which leads to revolutionary improvements in wellness.

How can integrative medicine help you travel without pain?

Briefly, it goes like this: integrative medicine will address the source of your pain, giving you access to true relief. If you want the long version, you need to make an appointment with our integrative rehabilitation and treatment office in Washington, D.C. We will assess your unique condition and provide you with tailor-made solutions that access the best of both holistic and conventional medicine. Contact us today!