Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center, one of the most trusted practices for pain management in Washington DC, we are a health care practice in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia promoting integrative medicine strategies to improve health.  We have been leaders in medically diverse care for nearly three decades. In doing this we have been ahead of the curve and, sometimes, the odd-doctor-out, something we don’t mind. If you have chronic pain and depression, you’ve got plenty of company. That’s because chronic pain and depression are common problems that often overlap. Depression is one of the most common psychological issues facing people who suffer from chronic pain, and it often complicates the patient’s condition and treatment.

Why is the knowledge of pain management so important? Why are we continuously trying to make sure that our patients know that experiencing chronic pain isn’t normal and something they simply have to live with? Because of what we said above – it’s not just about the physical pain, it’s about the emotional and mental pain it causes you, too.

According to the American Pain Foundation, about 32 million people in the U.S. report pain lasting longer than one year.  More than half of the patients who complain of pain to their doctors are depressed. On average, 65% of people who are depressed also complain of pain.  People whose pain limits their independence are especially likely to get depressed.  Because depression in patients with chronic pain frequently goes undiagnosed, it often goes untreated. Pain symptoms and complaints take center stage on most doctors’ visits. The result is depression, along with sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, lack of energy, and decreased physical activity — all of which may make pain much worse.