You have heard your co-worker talking about it, or maybe your doctor recommending it.  You have thought about scheduling an appointment, but are just unsure if medical acupuncture can help you.  While a lot of people associate acupuncture with pain relief, acupuncture also has a proven track record in helping promote balanced hormones, and increased fertility.

Medical acupuncture for infertility can improve ovarian function, regulate estrogen and progesterone levels, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, promote increased fertility, and can help with the IVF procedure. Dr. Sniezek has created an Acupuncture and Fertility brochure which has an abundance of information regarding the effects of acupuncture on fertility.

While everyone responds differently to acupuncture, the majority of patients use acupuncture 2 times per week for 6 weeks, and then as needed moving forward.  Another great benefit to acupuncture is there are usually no side effects. Most patients do feel deep relaxation immediately following the initial treatment, and usually just require a bit of rest to overcome this sensation.

A common question is do the needles hurt?  Most patients don’t feel any pain and look forward to their treatments.  Dr. Sniezek uses a very gentle needling technique, and acupuncture needles 1/10th the size of a hypodermic needle, making them the size of a cat whisker!  Our needles are always 100% sterile and disposed after their first use.

Still feeling a bit nervous about giving acupuncture a try?  Call us at any time to answer additional questions that will help put your mind at ease.