When you integrate traditional Western medicine approaches with other healing modalities, you end up with a powerful combination for bringing about health solutions. Our integrative rehabilitation center in Washington, DC specializes in medicine, chiropractic care, and medical acupuncture to bring you a more holistic approach for an improved outcome. We believe in merging physical medicine with rehabilitation for the relief of symptoms associated with a wide range of conditions. For example, we can help you with your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand-related conditions, or with pain that’s bothering you in your neck, middle back, or lower back regions. We’re also available to help with sports injuries and traumatic brain injuries, as well as conditions such as fibromyalgia. Turn to Advanced Integrative today for the holistic medical help you need.

  1. Fight for Your Comfort – Part 1

    If you're living with joint pain, every day can be a fight. The good news is, there are little things you can do about it during day-to-day life. Read on for some great suggestions! Don't stomp If you're consistently pounding your joints, they're not going to be happy with you. If exercises like kickboxing and step aerobics make you hurt, don't worry. Joint pain doesn't mean the end of your active…Read More

  2. Coping With Chronic Pain Part 2

    Chronic pain can reduce a once full life to a fraction of what it once was. Whether you suffer as the result of an accident, age, or a certain condition, pain is pain, and we have ways you can work with it. In our last blog, we explored the first step to managing your pain in conjunction with treatment from our integrative rehabilitation specialists. You need to breathe! Once you read our last blo…Read More

  3. Keep Your Back Happy! Part 1

    When you have a condition that medicine seems unable to touch, it is one of the most helpless feelings you will ever experience. At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center in Washington D.C., we specialize in touching the conditions that other professionals cannot help. Even better, we do not immediately turn to medication. Whether you are working on taking down an old condition or…Read More

  4. Pain Management Treats The Cause

    Welcome back to the blog here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation. We provide back pain management and relief to Washington DC and McLean because our health care provider, Dr. Sniezek, treats several different aspects of pain management. Instead of paying deductibles for multiple doctors who aren’t in communication with each other, Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation can schedule you to see o…Read More

  5. Managing Headaches

    When it comes to headaches, there may not be a more mentally debilitating pain. Depending on intensity and pain tolerance, they rank right up there with back pain and toothaches. Headaches can be treated several ways. Drug therapy, cognitive training, analgesics, and treatments generally fall into three categories for treating headaches: pharmacological, psychological, and physical. Is there clear…Read More

  6. Restore Mobility with Integrative Rehabilitation in Washington

    If you've suffered an injury, or have recently experienced a stroke, you could be struggling with mobility. It can be frustrating to not be able to do the things you once did, or go the places that you love to go. At Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we understand your frustration and are here to offer a solution. With our integrative rehabilitation in Washington, we can restore…Read More

  7. Regain Your Active Lifestyle with Integrative Rehabilitation in Washington

    Summer will soon be here and in the DC area, there are many things to do. If you love to run, bike, or swim during the summer months, our nation's capital is a great place to do all three. But if an injury or chronic pain is slowing you down and keeping you at home, you need to seek out integrative rehabilitation in Washington right away. At Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we …Read More

  8. Integrative Rehabilitation That Works For You – Washington, DC

    Those looking for a more conventional and practical way to achieve wellness might want to consider integrative medicine. Integrated rehabilitation can best be summed up as getting the best in both customer service and clinical excellence that allows you to receive the very best in healthcare. The overarching focus of integrative rehabilitation is to distribute highly-skilled physical medicine and …Read More

  9. Integrative Medicine in Wash DC and McLean, Virginia

    Alternative medical therapy is nothing new. Many people try out some form daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. That said, if you are trying out some form of complementary medical therapy, you want to make sure you are trying out one that is proven to work. At Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center. we are proud to offer the best customized care possible. Dr. David P. Sniezek, who is cons…Read More