Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation, we are able to provide integrative medicine because our very own Dr. Sniezek has a wealth of experience in many different healthcare areas. Instead of getting soaked for the time and money that’s required when visiting multiple doctors, you can visit Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation to see one doctor. Dr. Sniezek understands the whole picture of your health and how seemingly unrelated symptoms may, in fact, have some interaction. Throughout the last year, we have published lots of helpful information on integrative medicine.

As an additional reference, we’re going to point you to a couple of very informative posts about integrative medicine in this blog review series. If you would like further information beyond the short excerpts below, simply click on the articles link to read it in its entirety. The first blog addresses the time and money you can save with integrative medicine, while the second entry looks at the numerous resources available at our office and online about our integrated approach.

How Integrative Medicine With Dr. Sniezek Can Save You Time and Money

“Dr. Sniezek has been trained in multiple medical disciplines, meaning he can treat your health concerns with a variety of methods that you might otherwise have to receive in many different offices. By working with one doctor who can handle multiple treatment styles, your care is more integrated and complete, and he’ll have a more complete picture of your health and the kinds of treatments that might benefit you.”

Learn About the Benefits of Integrative Medicine

“Many times, people have questions and concerns regarding integrative care. We offer a list of valuable patient education tools on our site, where you’ll find expert information on an assortment of medical conditions and ailments. If you’re seeking safe, natural foods that can help battle a variety of issues, take a look at our Natural Healers PDF.”