Coming back from an injury is a long, frustrating process. At first, it can be easy to be tough, but as time wears on and you don’t see improvement as quickly as you wish, discouragement and frustrations become constant companions. At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation Center in Washington D.C., we have learned that these negative emotions slow rehab down. By resisting them, you will recover sooner. Here are some tips to hold onto when the road to recovery seems endless.

  • Change your focus
      • Your progress follows your attention. If you give your attention to how badly you’re doing, you’re going to do badly! Stop giving your energy and attention to negativity. Direct it in a completely opposite direction, and you’ll see immediate improvement.
  • Love yourself
      • When you make a little progress in rehab, do you celebrate, or do you wish for more? Believe us when we say that celebrating is absolutely crucial, no matter if it’s a jump in improvement or the simple fact that you haven’t regressed. Let yourself be hopeful!
  • Set realistic goals
    • Setting goals is important, but they must be realistic! Many times, our patients set giant (herculean?) goals and become discouraged when they can’t achieve the impossible. Don’t fall into this trap. We are here to help you set realistic goals that will get you where you want to be.

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