Welcome back to the blog here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation. We provide back pain management and relief to Washington DC and McLean because our health care provider, Dr. Sniezek, treats several different aspects of pain management. Instead of paying deductibles for multiple doctors who aren’t in communication with each other, Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation can schedule you to see one doctor. Dr. Sniezek sees the big picture of how different aspects of your health interplay with each other and how sometimes unrelated symptoms relate to each other. We have published helpful information on back pain management. As an additional reference, we’re going to recommend a couple blog posts about  back pain management in our continuing blog review series. For further information beyond these short excerpts, just click on the articles link to read it entirely. The first blog examines contributing factors to back pain, while the second post looks at an integrated and holistic approach to pain management.

The Mysteries of Low Back Pain!

“Do you realize how complicated the low back region is when it comes to investigating the cause of low back pain (LBP)? There can be findings on an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan such as degenerative disk disease, arthritis, even bulging and/or herniated disks that have NOTHING to do with why the back hurts. Similarly, there are often other abnormal findings present in many of us who have NO low back pain whatsoever!”

Advanced Spine and Pain Orthopedic Treatment in Washington, DC and McLean VA

“What sets Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center apart is that we can provide you with multiple treatments stemming from various disciplines all in one location by one physician. Our integrative medicine in Washington, DC (20037) and McLean, Virginia (22101) is geared towards healing your body as a whole, with precise and natural treatments that draw from modern science as well as ancient healing practices.”