For over 2,000 years, acupuncture has relieved people of pain and other discomforts. We don’t know exactly how it works – the Chinese practitioners say that the treatment modulates the body’s chi or energy pathways, while Western practitioners believe that the metallic needles stimulate the release of pain-calming chemicals. However, its effectiveness is proven. In this blog, we will explore the topic of age and acupuncture: is there a point at which you are too young to receive this treatment?

Firstly, children experience chronic pain, too. Doctors claim that most chronic pain is caused by a hyper-aroused nervous system – a bunch of nerves in a constant raw state. Acupuncture’s power comes from its ability to give relief to the besieged nerves. Children can receive this benefit just as adults can.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has not taken a stance on pediatric acupuncture. Indeed, not many studies have been done on pediatric acupuncture compared to adult acupuncture. However, the studies that have been done express that acupuncture is safe for children when performed by a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner (as is true for adults). In fact, one doctor says he has treated 2-week infants successfully with acupuncture.

The biggest hurdle to overcome in pediatric acupuncture is the child’s fear of needles. Upon discovering how painless the needles are, however, most pediatric patients are delighted and relieved. If a child simply cannot stand the idea of the needles, there are other solutions such as laser acupoint stimulation or acupressure.

In our next blog, we will discuss what to consider when finding an acupuncture specialist for your child. At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation Center in Washington D.C., we are passionate about bringing relief to our patients in a healthy and comfortable way, no matter their age. Call us today!