At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation Center in Washington, D.C., we often use acupuncture to help people manage pain. Sometimes, our treatment is enough to solve the problem, and other times, we are a long-term ally in the journey to great quality of life. Either way, acupuncture has helped hundreds of our patients accomplish what they truly believed was impossible.

In our last blog, we introduced the question of whether or not you can be too young for acupuncture. Though there aren’t as many studies on pediatric acupuncture as there are on adult, many children receive acupuncture and get amazing results. Currently, most children undergo acupuncture to control pain or nausea from chemotherapy or surgery, as well as chronic pain. In some cases, acupuncture can replace medication, which can be life-changing, especially for such young patients.

The key in attained successful treatment is (as always) finding the best practitioner you can and keeping your child’s pediatrician in the loop. Do not take your child to a practitioner who is not licensed to practice. You can refer to the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to ensure practitioners you are considering are licensed. Additionally, you should check your state’s requirements for acupuncture practitioners, because some states do not regulate acupuncture at all. Your child’s pediatrician can also be a great source for good acupuncture options, but either way, keep him/her in the loop about your child’s acupuncture. The more people on your child’s team, the better!

At the Advanced Integrative and Rehabilitation Center, we are just as passionate about bringing relief to children as we are about adults. We create a safe, non-threatening and fun environment for our young patients. If you are considering medical acupuncture for your child, give us a call today!