1. Musculoskeletal Pain And Performing Artists

    If you’re a performing artist, and you deal with any kind of musculoskeletal plain, we know how the pain can affect your work and your quality of life. Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we specialize in working with performing artists who could benefit from both our preventative and rehabilitative efforts to address medical problems that people who are involved in the …Read More

  2. The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

    If you’re dealing with pain in your body, here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we believe that chiropractic care can make a big difference in your ability to manage pain, as well as provide corrective care to get to the root of your problem, promote healing and increase mobility. For pain management in Washington D.C., Advanced Integrative can help. To learn more about ou…Read More

  3. Dealing With Chronic Pain And Depression

    When you’re dealing with chronic pain, it can take a toll not only on your body, but it can also affect your emotional well-being. Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we understand that chronic pain and depression often go hand-in-hand. The inability to perform daily activities due to pain can cause you to feel helpless, and asking for help isn’t always easy. If you’…Read More

  4. Coping With Chronic Pain Part 1

    Pain can be the result of many different circumstances. However, at the end of the day, pain is pain. If you are living with this type of chronic discomfort, it is easy to get lost in a maze of expensive treatments. At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we specialize in giving relief. We understand that what works for some may not work for others, and that is why we work so h…Read More

  5. Keep Your Back Happy! Part 2

    Are you on a lot of medications? Medications can be a maze - you take one, and it causes symptoms that require you to take another medication, and soon, you’re taking medications for medications. At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we recognize the importance of medications as well as other facets of healthcare. That is why we use “Integrative” in our title - we bind …Read More

  6. Top 3 Surprises About Medical Acupuncture

    In recent months, we've found ourselves having more frequent conversations with people who have never had medical acupuncture in Washington DC. It’s been a great reminder of how foreign acupuncture—the experience of getting a treatment as well as the underlying theory—still is to the majority of Westerners. Myths and misconceptions about acupuncture are rampant in a society whose medical c…Read More

  7. Why Is Pain Management So Important?

    Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center, one of the most trusted practices for pain management in Washington DC, we are a health care practice in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia promoting integrative medicine strategies to improve health.  We have been leaders in medically diverse care for nearly three decades. In doing this we have been ahead of the curve and, sometimes…Read More

  8. The Truth About Your Pain Management: Dispelling Myths In Washington DC

    Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center, you'll experience a unique blend of conventional and complementary treatment methods that safely and effectively combine traditional medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, exercise, and nutrition. Integrative Medicine is helpful for many conditions, including neck and low back pain, headache pain, elbow and shoulder pain, knee pain, foo…Read More

  9. Pain Management Treats The Cause

    Welcome back to the blog here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation. We provide back pain management and relief to Washington DC and McLean because our health care provider, Dr. Sniezek, treats several different aspects of pain management. Instead of paying deductibles for multiple doctors who aren’t in communication with each other, Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation can schedule you to see o…Read More