1. Fight for Your Comfort – Part 1

    If you're living with joint pain, every day can be a fight. The good news is, there are little things you can do about it during day-to-day life. Read on for some great suggestions! Don't stomp If you're consistently pounding your joints, they're not going to be happy with you. If exercises like kickboxing and step aerobics make you hurt, don't worry. Joint pain doesn't mean the end of your active…Read More

  2. Keep Your Back Happy! Part 1

    When you have a condition that medicine seems unable to touch, it is one of the most helpless feelings you will ever experience. At the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center in Washington D.C., we specialize in touching the conditions that other professionals cannot help. Even better, we do not immediately turn to medication. Whether you are working on taking down an old condition or…Read More

  3. Managing Headaches

    When it comes to headaches, there may not be a more mentally debilitating pain. Depending on intensity and pain tolerance, they rank right up there with back pain and toothaches. Headaches can be treated several ways. Drug therapy, cognitive training, analgesics, and treatments generally fall into three categories for treating headaches: pharmacological, psychological, and physical. Is there clear…Read More

  4. Back Pain Pillow Talk

    Hello, This is your pillow. The good folks at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation, in Washington D.C., have asked me to talk to you about your sleeping habits as a part of their focus on pain management. My fellow pillows and I have noticed some trends with our sleepers that concern us. After a hard day of work or play, your sleep time is critical, so your body can rest and your brain can reset. H…Read More

  5. Medical Acupuncture and What It Does

    Acupuncture is a medical technique used by the Chinese for over 5000 years. Its main purpose is to help the body get back to its natural balance. This technique is also very effective at reliving pain and maintaining low stress levels. The process is usually a painless process, however the rejuvenating effects are almost immediate. This is just one of the many treatments Advanced Integrative Re…Read More