1. Medical Acupuncture and Cancer

    Are you a waiting room regular? Have you gotten tired of sitting in chairs and looking at magazines as you wait for yet another appointment about a condition that everyone has an idea about but no solution? It is time to make an appointment with the Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center in Washington D.C. Did you know that acupuncture can help treat patients? Many people are skeptica…Read More

  2. Why You Should Try Acupuncture

    Have you been thinking about trying medical acupuncture in Washington DC? If so, it's time for you to stop thinking about it and start scheduling your appointment! Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical technique that is primarily used to treat pain, but pain management isn't the only benefit you will see when you try acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture comes with many benefits, and when per…Read More

  3. Debunking More Medical Acupuncture Myths For Washington DC Residents

    Here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center, we recognize that medical care is often what is needed when health care fails. We are not just workers in the field of medicine; we are providers of care across the spectrum of wellness and illness making a difference. Today we're taking a look at some more misconceptions surrounding medical acupuncture in Washington DC. You'll need t…Read More

  4. We Puncture Medical Acupuncture Myths For Washington DC Residents

    We are a health care practice in Washington, DC that promotes integrative medicine strategies to improve health.  We have been leaders in medically diverse care for nearly three decades. In doing this we have been ahead of the curve and, sometimes, the odd-doctor-out, something we don’t mind. There are definitely a lot of myths surrounding the practice of acupuncture. However, the reality i…Read More

  5. Our Medical Acupuncture Will Set You Free

    Hello, This is your walking shoes again. Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation, which has one of the leading integrative rehabilitation clinics in Washington DC, asked us to give you a few benefits for medical acupuncture. The ancient practice of acupuncture dates back 3000 years and brings the body’s energy or “chi” into balance. It aids the body in promoting natural healing through it’s in…Read More

  6. New Year’s Resolutions For Your Back & Spine

    New Year, new you, right? With all the New Year's Resolutions that you've probably been making the last few weeks, have you forgotten to think about your spine health? If you suffer from neck or back pain, it may very well be worth considering making some resolutions for your spine, too! Here at Advanced Integrated Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Center, your premier location for integrative medi…Read More

  7. Digestive Trouble? Visit Us for Medical Acupuncture in Washington, DC

    If you've been struggling with digestive trouble for some time now, you may be at a loss for what you can do to feel and live better. At Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center, we want to help you and your body find balance once again. With our medical acupuncture in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia, we can help with your digestive disorder, no matter if it's gastritis or constipat…Read More

  8. Relieve Your Stress and Anxiety with Medical Acupuncture in Washington, D.C.

    Stress and anxiety can manifest themselves in various physical ways throughout the human body. You may feel tension in your neck or back due to a high-stress work environment, or feel anxiety due to a major life decision or traumatic event. A safe, effective way to relieve that stress and anxiety is through acupuncture. Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center offers beneficial medical …Read More

  9. Medical Acupuncture in Washington DC and McLean, Virginia

    If your are looking for pain relief or simply to optimize functional performance then we can help you at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center. Our philosophy here at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center is simple. We cater to every patient's specific and individual needs. We realize that we are only able to achieve this through sitting down and listening to them. Int…Read More

  10. The Best Option for Medical Acupuncture, Washington DC and McLean, Virginia

    Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation and Pain Center is here to offer you the best option for medical acupuncture, Washington, DC. If you're trying to live with pain and discomfort, come see us right away. We'll explain our treatments and discuss the best course for you. You can look forward to a healthier life. Contact us today.…Read More