1. Back Pain Pillow Talk

    Hello, This is your pillow. The good folks at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation, in Washington D.C., have asked me to talk to you about your sleeping habits as a part of their focus on pain management. My fellow pillows and I have noticed some trends with our sleepers that concern us. After a hard day of work or play, your sleep time is critical, so your body can rest and your brain can reset. H…Read More

  2. Infertility Acupunture-Integrative Medicine 20037

    Did you know that acupuncture can help with infertility and Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center offers this assistance ? In 2002 a research was conducted where woman received acupuncture treatments immediately before and after in vitro fertilization (IVF) and analysis showed the pregnancy rate was almost 50% higher than the group that didn’t receive acupuncture treatments. IVF …Read More

  3. New Patient Forms Online-Best Acupuncture Washington DC

    Dr. David P Sniezek at Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center has made new patient processing faster! You can now go online and print the new patient packet then fill it out at home and bring to your first visit! The packet also contains valuable information on some of the ailments treated at  Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center! View our new patient page and requ…Read More

  4. Best Acupuncture in Washington DC

    Have you ever considered acupuncture? Check out the video, below, that will talk all about acupuncture! The video also demonstrates how acupuncture works. Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation & Pain Center has the best acupuncture in Washington DC! Washington DC Integrative Medicine - Medical Acupuncture * promotion of health and well-being * prevention of illness * treatment of various medic…Read More

  5. Dr. David P. Sniezek – Advanced Integrative Rehabilitation

    Meet Dr. David P. Sniezek! He has been noted as one of The Washingtonians "Top Doctors" in rehabilitation medicine. In 2010, he was also noted as the "Top Expert in Sports Medicine". Dr. Sniezek went to four different schools to complete each part of his education and doctorial training. University of Phoenix (BS, DC) Logan College of Chiropractic UTESA School of Medicine (MD) George Washington Un…Read More